CAPEC Details
Name Collect Data from Screen Capture
Likelyhood of attack Typical severity
Medium Medium
Summary An adversary gathers sensitive information by exploiting the system's screen capture functionality. Through screenshots, the adversary aims to see what happens on the screen over the course of an operation. The adversary can leverage information gathered in order to carry out further attacks.
Prerequisites The adversary must have obtained logical access to the system by some means (e.g., via obtained credentials or planting malware on the system).
Solutions Identify potentially malicious software that may have functionality to acquire screen captures, and audit and/or block it by using allowlist tools. While screen capture is a legitimate and practical function, certain situations and context may require the disabling of this feature.
Related Weaknesses
CWE ID Description
CWE-267 Privilege Defined With Unsafe Actions
Related CAPECS
CAPEC ID Description
CAPEC-150 An adversary exploits well-known locations for resources for the purposes of undermining the security of the target. In many, if not most systems, files and resources are organized in a default tree structure. This can be useful for adversaries because they often know where to look for resources or files that are necessary for attacks. Even when the precise location of a targeted resource may not be known, naming conventions may indicate a small area of the target machine's file tree where the resources are typically located. For example, configuration files are normally stored in the /etc director on Unix systems. Adversaries can take advantage of this to commit other types of attacks.
Taxonomy: ATTACK
Entry ID Entry Name
1113 Screen Capture